Queen Mercy Praises Chioma Ahead of Her Wedding with Davido

Reality TV star Queen Mercy Atang has showered praise on Chioma Rowland in anticipation of her upcoming wedding to Davido.

On her Instagram page, Queen Mercy shared a video showcasing Chioma and Davido joyfully dancing together, highlighting Chioma’s playful and affectionate side that is reserved for her future husband.

In her heartfelt post, Queen emphasized her admiration for Chioma’s genuine demeanor, contrasting it with those who try to maintain a flashy or bougie persona online. She described true “baddies” as those who exude quiet strength and authenticity, rather than merely projecting an image for show.

Queen Mercy expressed deep admiration for the love Davido clearly has for Chioma, mentioning that she has been a supporter of their relationship for a significant period. Her post resonated with fans and followers, celebrating the couple’s bond ahead of their grand wedding.

In her words: “The fun side of Chioma, trust me, there’s a lot about her we don’t get to see online. It’s actually just for Davido 😉 so when you ask why Chioma?? My darling, it’s plenty ooh. Purrrrr….❤️❤️❤️❤️

“P.S. it’s not all about acting all bougie, trying to be a baddie online 24-7😂, I use to tell my hubby, the real baddies are the quiet, cool, calm and collected ones. Good girls are the real baddies. If you know you know😂 stop playing😀. The difference is…. we do ours offline and for our partners eyes only 😜 purrrrr

“Thank God I’m married ooh😀, free ticket to disturbing somebody’s son. My sweet baby @iam_kingdaivid please do and be coming back from work. This Ibom girl wants to lap dance for you a little👅🥵😜❤️

“I love the way davido loves chioma, I’ve been a shameless shipper, so allow me brag😃❤️❤️❤️❤️ #chivido2024”


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