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Teenager Gave Birth in Hospital Bathroom, Threw the Baby Away

Family and friends had no idea that Alexee Trevizo was pregnant for months. When she was due to give birth, the outcome ended with a deceased baby in a trash bag.

The Hospital Visit

The 19-year-old teen from New Mexico showed up at Artesia General Hospital on January 27, 2023, complaining of lower back pain. Tests were conducted and the doctor determined that her pain stemmed from pregnancy. Despite Trevizo’s many attempts to deny having sexual intercourse, she was in active labor.

Trevizo went to the bathroom after she and her mother were informed about the pregnancy. She locked herself in the bathroom and delivered birth to a baby boy. The hospital staff heard her flush the toilet multiple times and concern started to arise. When asked what was going on, she claimed to be “having a hard time going to the bathroom.”

A Shocking Discovery

20 to 30 minutes went by and Trevizo returned to the hospital bed. Her mother was completely unaware of what she had just done. A cleaner discovered the bloody mess. A staff member picked up the heavy trash bag to dispose of it and realized there was a baby boy hidden underneath. The bag “suctioned to his face” and it was clear that he passed away.

“I noticed the umbilical cord looked like an animal had torn it apart.”

A nurse at Artesia General Hospital

Upon finding the slain baby, the cleaner and other nurses had to console each other due to how disturbing the scene was. Police officers arrived and captured on body-cam footage the moment the doctor confronted Trevizo and her mother. “We discovered a dead baby in the bathroom,” the doctor in a white coat said. Trevizo immediately broke down and cried out, “I’m sorry, it came out of me and I didn’t know what to do.” Her mother started to question and berate her before she was stopped by the doctor.

Charges and Outcome

Trevizo stated that the baby boy did not cry or move when she gave birth to him and insisted he was stillborn. The New Mexico Office of Medical Investigator denied the claims and ruled the death as a homicide. Trevizo was arrested on May 10 for first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. On May 16, she was released on a $100,000 bond and granted permission to continue school. She was required to attend counseling and wear an ankle monitor, but she was not on house arrest.

In August, a judge ruled that Trevizo would be allowed to attend college at New Mexico State University. Outrage erupted from social media users and spectators who have kept up with the ongoing case. Since the rulings, Trevizo’s lawyer Gary Mitchell has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Artesia General Hospital. Mitchell emphasized that his client is innocent of all crimes and she had no prior knowledge of her pregnancy until she gave birth.

Trevizo will have a pretrial hearing on July 22, 2024, and her jury trial is set for August 26, 2024.


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Written by Charles Daisi

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