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Saint Obi and the burden of troubled marriage

Same Marriage that brings so much joy to many can be a torn in the flesh for others once two wrong individuals come together as one, that may be in the case of Saint Obi, writes’s David Kabiyesi-


Nothing else gives Obinna Nwafor preferably known as Saint Obi much pleasure than nipping down to a movie location to stay in the mix of his so-called Nollywood actors and actresses. They will mumble a few words together as they go through their scripts in preparation for their next scene. While other actors and actresses think about the next credit alerts, Saint thinks less about the monetary gains offered by producers, it is an avenue to get away from the pressure back home, which inadvertently, causes huge cracks in his marriage. Being around men and women who share the same crafts with him was always a breath of fresh air.

But just like a drunken man who seems to forget his sorrow by feeling tipsy, only to be faced with the reality of the same trouble that pushed him into drinking when the alcohol wears off, Obi would return home to face the same marital struggles that kept his life on the edge.

Saint Obi must be turning in the four walls of the mortuary right now. Had it got it right with his marriage just like he did with his career, perhaps he would still be alive to see his three adorable kids grow before his eyes. Such is the importance of getting it right with marriage because a failed marriage is the fastest highway to the grave.

But the signs were written on the wall when he got married to MTN’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Lynda Saint Nwafor in December 2006 with a selected few in attendance, but none of his close pals attended. He never told any of them, perhaps if he had, the story would have been different today.

But that was the beginning of the end for a man who brings so much joy to Nigerians who would sit back with eyes glued to their Television sets wondering when Saint Obi would appear on the scene. He was so good that many many named their son’s after him.

His new marriage then saw him turn his back on the craft that brought him to the limelight. Every warning and appeal to ensure he returns to the movie’s location fell on deaf ears. The only excuse he gave was that he was going into something different.

Lynda is a busy woman in her fifties, this is because her position as MTN Nigeria executive requires that she is responsible for guiding the enterprise and ICT strategy. That role can be demanding and it means she doesn’t give a hoot about watching her husband’s films. It was easy to pull Saint Obi away from the industry.

The Divorce Scandal

Although, Saint is not alive to give full details about what led to their divorce, the little information he reluctantly divulged to one his closest pal, Zik Zulu Okafor, a film producer and a former President of the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria (AMP), showed that he was never loved by his in-laws who sees him as a gold digger.

“I do not know why my wife’s siblings see me as a gold digger. They confront me, harass and fight me in my matrimony. And my wife did nothing to stop them. I work hard, I earn my money. I have never depended on my wife”, he told Zik Zulu, with tears welling up in his eyes.

He was once beaten up by his wife’s brother with a deep cut on his face, but rather than come to his defense, Lynda would support her brothers’ actions and buy the Police over to free them from custody. The power they say corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. For a woman who once served in crucial advisory roles, such as being a member of the Presidential Committee established by former President Goodluck Jonathan, she was highly connected and Obi knew he was not going to win the war.

Saint Obi battled to save his marriage, he was determined to ensure this one doesn’t go the way of his failed marriage to the daughter of a Lagos-based pastor. But the harder he worked to papered the cracks in his marriage, the more death starred at him in the face as brother-in-laws unleashed mayhem on him.

He was left with other option than to move out of his matrimonial home to save his life after which initiated a divorce. According to a suit filed at the High Court of Ogun State with suit number HCT/128/2019 filed by Petitioner, it was confirmed that the divorce was filed on the ground of an alleged attempt on the actor’s life, which was reportedly masterminded by his wife and her brothers, Michael Amobi and Chukwumobi Amobi

But Lynda sabotaged the process. She was not going to let him go. Lynda came up with a series of excuses as she failed to show up in court, which made the Judge, Justice Omotayo O. Majekodunmi, issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

In a desperate effort to deny Saint Obi access to his children, Lynda hired mobile Police to protect the children both in school and out of school

The Lynda Nwafor Conundrum

Lynda had changed her name to Lynda Amobi after the divorce saga and had moved on with her life. Ever unruffled by her estranged husband’s decision to end their marriage as long as she is doing well in her career.

Appointed as MTN’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer in 2016, where she was responsible for guiding the enterprise and ICT strategy.

Married to her job, she led her team in meeting the technological needs of customers as the company was passionately committed to helping make its customers happy at all times.

She is not going to miss Obi who died after undergoing two surgeries while living with his sister in Jos. That is the consequence that comes with getting it wrong in marriage; it can cost you your life.

Besides, a closed mouth is a close destiny, Saint Obi hardly tell family and friends about his ordeal as he suffered in silence till death. He was so shy to the point of death that he pleaded with Zik Zulu and Zeb Ejiro not to tell anyone about his ailment. Today his light body freezes in the morgue while Lynda is busy meeting the technological needs of MTN customers.

He will surely be missed, but not really at movie locations where his colleagues would offer him a minute silence before going through their script in preparation for the next scene. Life will surely go on without him, it has always does! Rest on Saint Obi


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Written by David Kabiyesi

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