Ukraine conflict: Putin humiliating himself on world stage – UK

International sanctions against Russia should only be lifted when all of its troops have left Ukraine, the UK’s foreign secretary has said.

Liz Truss told a meeting of G7 foreign ministers in Germany that Russian President Vladimir Putin must face a defeat that prevents further aggression, reports the BBC.

“Putin is humiliating himself on the world stage,” she said, adding that he must be denied any benefit from his invasion of Ukraine.

She also called for Ukraine to have increased access to Nato military equipment.

G7 foreign ministers will meet again on Friday with their Ukrainian and Moldovan counterparts.

Meanwhile, the British government says it wants Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to be seen to fail.

But ministers rarely spell out what that means in practice. The exception is Liz Truss.

In a speech last month ,the UK’s foreign secretary said Russia should be pushed out of “the whole of Ukraine”.

On Thursday night she went further, telling G7 ministers sanctions should not be lifted until there is a complete Russian withdrawal and peace has been agreed.

She said Russian President Vladimir Putin must face a defeat that “denies him any benefit and ultimately constrains further aggression”.

Such explicit and maximalist war aims are, it’s understood, designed to send a signal to the Kremlin that it can’t expect to make any gains through acts of violence.

But some analysts fear such specific demands might one day clash with Ukraine’s, and that could make a political settlement harder.

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